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Covid-19 Lessons and Getting Back to Business

There are three key realizations I have discovered during the Covid-19 situation:

1. Community – we are connected to each other. When the hospitality and travel industry shut down (temporarily), the ripple effects impact all of us.

2. Communication – our ability to adapt and be resilient in challenging times is on display everywhere you look.

3. Collaboration – people are supporting and reaching out to help others in need. Businesses are doing everything they can to provide support and encouragement to their employees.

As Dennis Leary once said, “Crisis doesn’t create character; it reveals it.”

Even now, during crisis management, there is room for recovery planning. There are many difficult choices to make. Cost-cutting measures, as well as investment in future growth, will need to be carefully considered.

We want to be a resource. That’s why we created a video series called Back To Business. Relevant and timely information that is essential to your rebuilding and recovery process will be shared weekly. You will receive an email as we publish new content.

Back to Business will provide practical and actionable information about these areas:

· your business operations (lease negotiations, remote working);

· your people (FMLA issues);

· insurance (claims process, what coverage is available), and

· finance (defer loan payments, new credit, Small Business Administration loans).

We have also created a way for you to ask questions about your business, that can be answered by subject matter experts. As you highlight the challenges your business is facing right now, we will tap into our deep relationships with the appropriate expert to answer your questions.

Shields Legal Group is committed to you as part of our community. Back to Business is our way of communicating essential information to help you make sound decisions for the benefit of your business, your customers, and your community. As you engage in the collaboration process, we will provide guidance and support.

Until then, stay safe and know that Shields Legal Group will be by your side.

Jim Shields

Founder & CEO

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